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Simple, pure silver, minimal front back earring or doubled sided earring. Elegant double loop design that creates depth. Pick a front stud and Tangled back earring hangs on back. Secure with an earnut and your
custom look is complete!

Story:  Reminiscent of a braid or a twist. I wanted to create a front back earring with a rounder and softer feel. 

2 front studs and 2 Tangled back earrings. If you already have a front stud of your own and want just the Tangled back earrings, choose the "none" option in the "front stud" drop-down. 

- 99.9% pure silver, silver from recycled/reclaimed sources
- 13mm x 40mm x 1mm (w x l x d)
- earnuts and ear posts are sterling silver, clear rubber stopper nut available on request
- matte finish

front stud:
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